ALISHA: There, standing in the light, was an absolutely stunning woman with an hourglass figure. She seemed to be relaxed, her hair having a natural golden hue, and the outfit she wore was rather neat. And those curves….

MIKA: A half-oriental, adventurous young woman who grew bored of the stereotypical, traditional life her parents tried to force upon her growing up. She rebelled when she came of age, leaving home and going on dangerous expeditions and thrill-seeking journeys. During these expeditions, she often comes across valuable relics and artifacts and uses them to furnish her new lifestyle.

DJ SAMMY: A young party girl who acts as a DJ and loves the loud and fast life, she ends up attending the DLS event but not playing due to wanting to purchase a ticket to a rave that Cecilia’s corporation is hosting. However, the event is sold out and only Cecilia has a spare ticket. The player can win the ticket in order to make her available to play poker as well.

CECILIA: A high-end secretary (or ‘Professional Administrative Assistant’ as she prefers to be called), she struggles to liberate herself from the rigidity of her line of work, since it follows her home and was responsible for a mild, stress-induced hospital stay. She is actually overly qualified for her job and managed to find out about the society through her own efforts, a testament to her investigative skill that earned her admission.

LORELEI: A housewife whose husband tries to keep her prim and proper, like a trophy of innocence and fidelity on display, she’s grown bored with remaining at home while approaching her midlife. She found herself as part of the DLS through a friend who thought it was the answer to her problem and hopes to do the same to you.









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